Kayla Itsines is now a world-wide name amongst teens and young adults wanting some guidance in the fitness industry. She has over a million followers on Instagram, and daily posts about health and fitness, as well as reposting incredible transformations of those who have used her guides across the world. But what is the program, and is it really that good? Let me tell you what I thought.

I have done this program 3 times, and the first time I did it was when it was super new, nobody knew who Kayla Itsines was, or her Bikini Body Guide. This guide is a 12-week exercise program which consists of participants completing resistance workouts, consisting of weight lifting and plyo-metric exercises (jump-training such as burpees and jump squats to name a few), as well as LISS (low intensity steady-state exercise such as walking), and HIIT in the later weeks (high intensity interval training such as sprinting). The times which you complete each type of workout changes between weeks 1-4, 5-8, 9-12, as shown below. This is to shock your body and really get into the fat burning.

Photo: Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide

The first time I did the program, boy did I see amazing results. The BBG also has a food guide which you are able to follow, but because I have an interest in healthy food I decided to follow my own meal plan for all guides, probably only the second half of the first one though. I would recommend the food guide for those who are a little unsure on what to eat.
The second time I did it, I saw results too, but not as well, because I slacked off a little bit; I wasn’t giving the workouts my all and I wasn’t too conscious of what I was putting into my body.
The third time I did it was recently, I wanted to get my body in good condition before my beautiful holiday away to Bali (keep an eye out for a post). Funnily enough, and I always thought that one day it would come in handy, I wanted to keep myself accountable my making videos throughout the program, to keep track of my progress. I will save myself the embarrassment of posting the videos, so I am going to write exactly what I said in the videos so you can see how I felt, how hard I was challenged, and what I really thought throughout the Bikini Body Guide for the 3rd time. Shall we?

4th April 10:31am
Okay, so its day 1, um, and its 10:30 so I woke up and I’m a bit out of it and a bit like (insert funny sleepy face), but I am excited, a little bit freaked out but it will be good. Yeah, positive so far and lets just get right into it! Today is Legs+Cardio and LISS, and heaps of really nice food in between. So, bye, good luck!

5th April 7:39am
Okay , I woke up 4 minutes ago, and I’m just about to get out of bed because my legs are really ^&$*#(^ sore, I am just going to document it. Oh my god no, ahhhh!!!! F*%*.

8th April 10:45am
Okay so its Friday of Week 1 and I just finished a boxing circuit with Mikey Mike Mike.
I just want to make this video to say that it always feels better when you finish because you are done and it just feels so good for your insides and your outsides and its helping you and its really F%*^$#* awesome. So, this week I have found it good, it’s kind of weird with Uni compared to last semester because I wasn’t up as early so I don’t have to do as much planning which I am finding that to be a little bit easier. But in saying that workouts have been F*^*%#& hard, my legs are STILL sore from Monday – bloody hell its Friday, feels good, I have skin that has come off my bum because when I was doing sit-ups the zip on the back of my leggings were digging into me, but yeah, all in all, it’s great. You have 11 more weeks until Bali, and you are going to look back at this video and say “I am proud of you”. So I will see you soon.

Note – I often replaced an arms workout with a boxing circuit. This guide allows for you to be flexible which is amazing. If you don’t like walking for LISS, try swimming or going on a relaxed bike ride!

27th April 9:37am
Okay so, hello, um its Wednesday of week 4 and I woke up 1 hour past my alarm and I was just like… FU#*. I was meant to already have done my work out by now, but like I am so tired this week, I have heaps of Uni work to do and its stressing me out, it’s Wednesday and I haven’t done a workout. I know that, and its fine, and because I’ve already planned everything in advance, I’m going to do it today and then Friday, then Saturday, but I am just so ehhhh, can’t be bothered and I know that I am going to do it because I am going to make myself do it, just you watch, but like I don’t know what’s happened; if I am losing motivation? I’m not, but I’m just really tired, and I’m just kind of like ehh – it’s also because I’ve been doing homework, I’m just emotionally drained, and I just took a photo of myself and I compared it and there is like no difference, like there is, but you wouldn’t really look twice and be like “wow progress”.  I know that I shouldn’t be doing that because I’ve been doing this for only 3 whole weeks, like what the hell what are you doing, cos you aren’t going to look amazing in 3 weeks! I know that when I have done BBG before I haven’t seen results well, I haven’t been satisfied, until week 8/9, so I still have a little while to go, I just need to make sure that I am keeping up.
I’m going to eat clean and just keep track, I should probably eat a little less, because this girl loves her carbs. But yeah it’s a bit of a drainer, so, hopefully in half an hour I’m going to make another video and be like “IM THE FU#*%(@ BEST I JUST FINISHED MY WORKOUT YEAH” hopefully I’ll do that, so I’m checking out, about to go sweat with Kayla, if I can make myself do it. Okay, I need to stop procrastinating, and go! Goodbye.

27th April 10:53am
Okay… (This video cut out but I was in my bathroom all sweaty, so it must have gone well that day – YAY)

24 May 7:19am
Okay, so, I am in Week 8 and I compared progress photos yesterday, and I just got a spray tan and so I thought I would look really good, and I didn’t, I was feeling really down, I thought Kayla you suck, because its worked for me twice, I don’t know if it will work for me again. I just did a spin class a 6:15 in the morning, feeling amazing, you need to do this more often, because it feels so good. What is it 7:00? You wouldn’t have even woken up. And now I come outside again, and it’s all dark – in the gym it’s like a day atmosphere, then I come outside and its dark and freezing. Just a little bit of progress with my vids, I know I have been feeling a little bit crap because I haven’t seen much progress, but I’m going to really try a lot harder, with my diet too. Now that Michael has more knowledge, I am more knowledgeable too, and that makes me realise how much I was doing some things wrong in terms of eating. Home I go, and amazing, yeah, loving it. Until next time.
2 mins later…
And I left my socks at home so look at my feet *shows photo of shoes with no socks* LOL. Bye.

Note – my boyfriend is SUPER smart and knows pretty much everything under the sun about exercises, and the gym. He studies exercise sports science, and has so many other qualifications and certificates. He always fills me with knowledge.

4th June 4:51pm
So I just killed my workout and I’m super happy with myself. Its Alex’s (my brothers) birthday tonight, so I am going to eat like a fatty; when Mum has made spring rolls and hedgehogs, you just can’t not have it, you can’t! But what I did, was 20 minutes of HIIT, so 6km/h for 1 minute, then 13km/h for 1 minute, for 20 minutes. Then, what did I do, I went on the Stairmaster for 10 minutes on level 10, then for the last minute I was like *insert Shrek sort of grunt* bit of energy, put it up to level 13 and I was like oh yeah but I just wanted to say to you that you are allowed to enjoy meals and stuff and don’t let it get to you but if you feel like you need to do something to prepare for it like I have today, then do it, and smash it. You are up to, what, week 10 this week, FU#* man that’s gone quick, really quick.
My skin is a lot better too, I’m not wearing any makeup. I feel like my skin is cleared because of what I’ve been eating and working out. The steam room is good, I’ve been taking a little bit more care of myself, I’ve been moisturising and stuff, so yeah. I’m hot still, I’m going to take my jumper off, then I’m going to drive to Michaels. When you watch this I want you to look back and be proud. Well done, keep going. You don’t know what you are capable of until you push really hard, bye *insert happy smile*.

I couldn’t find any other recordings, but I can clearly remember making one when I got home from Bali. I had either completed a spin or body pump class, and I pretty much said, “I know you did this just to prepare for Bali, but you have come back, and finished this workout, and it feels like the best thing in the world. You didn’t just stop when you came back from your holiday, but you kept going. That shows that you didn’t just do it to look good, but the way it made you feel has brought you back for more”. It was something like that. 

After Bali I stopped the BBG to move onto bigger and better things, each and every time I have done the program, I have been so happy with the results and I feel like my body really loves it, I just felt like it was time for me to move on to bigger things. For me personally, when I am trying to lean out I go for the BBG. This is because I find that the guide is super-efficient in fat burning, and in toning up.

I would 1000000% recommend this guide to anyone, I started off back when I first did it in 2014, not even being able to do one single push up, and now I am so much stronger. I think it’s also important to note, as shown in my diary entries, that even the best of us can lose motivation and not be happy with results, that is okay! Something I should do more of, is look at the big picture. You can’t expect to see results overnight. Good things take time, and it’s so so important to remember that when you are losing motivation.


Kayla Itsines’ BBG is an amazing guide that I would totally recommend. The workouts really push you, and you can push yourself as hard as you want, so you have the option to take it at your own pace. This guide gives really fast results, and it genuinely makes you feel amazing. I wouldn’t have done it three times if I didn’t love it. If you have tried it, let me know what you think. Otherwise, if you are considering it, hopefully I have made your decision a little bit easier.



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I have always been so happy with how the BBG makes me feel, and the results I have seen too. I feel like you would love results if you are wanting a guide that you can easily follow and see amazing results with, have a look here to see some more amazing transformations. I am so happy I am able to share my experience with you, hopefully it has helped you if you were wanting to know a little bit more about the guide, or if you were considering purchasing it. I would love to get to know you, so comment below.

Until next time!

Lots of Love,

Milli xxxx