I have had a pair of ankle weights sitting in the little fitness area of my room for so long, and I hadn’t used them up until a couple of weeks ago, when I thought it would be a great idea to base a workout around them with a friend. Although these are only light as all ankle weights are, these made such a difference and I feel like it made me have a great workout. I am going to share with you the exercise that I did and how you can target your booty and leg muscles including quads, hamstrings and calves. I also added in a few ab exercises, as I feel like the best ab exercises are body weight ones, so the ankle weights really added in that extra challenge.

The great thing about this workout, is if you don’t have ankle weights, well guess what, you are still going to feel a burn off it. Let me show you what I did, and what muscles these exercises worked. If you want to try this please do, I am sure you will feel amazing after like I did, amazingly tired that is (just kidding – kind of). So, let’s get into it. Here is what I did:


Lunge kick – these are kind of random, but I think they are bomb. Lunges are amazing exercises, so that killer kick at the end not only activates your glutes but also helps improve balance. Lunge as you would normally, then kick your leg back into the air before moving that same leg forward into the next lunge.
Reps – 10 each leg, 20 lunges total

Hip thrusts with legs elevated –
I just love this exercise so much, so I had to include it when I did this workout. Unlike our last workout (with no equipment, see here), elevate your legs on something, and keep them down when thrusting. We did the workout at a park, and used a bench. If you are at home, use a chair, or your bed even, depending on how high it is. You can find anything! This really works the glutes and hamstrings (back of your legs).
Reps – 20 controlled reps (not too fast)

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 5.31.06 pm.png

Ab bikes –
ankle weights really add that extra touch to these. Do these as you would normally, see here on how to do them if you are unsure. Don’t give up!
Reps – 20 each leg, 40 ab bikes total 


Assisted pistol squat –
 you may know these as one-legged squats. These work ALL of your legs. These are super hard if you do them without holding onto something, so what I mean by assisted, is to hold onto something while doing the exercise, see video here. Even if it is a ledge, a door handle, or if you are at the gym TRX ropes, this exercise is amazing, and with the addition of the ankle weights, you are going to work all your leg muscles incredibly.
Reps – 10 each leg, 20 pistol squats total 



Reverse crunch – when I do these exercises I feel like I have abs when I am done – unfortunately not, but seriously, these are amazing. Watch how to do them here!
Reps – 15 


Bent leg side raises –
I am not sure that this is the name of them, but here is a video showing you how to do these. I find these work really work my glutes (booty), as well as the leg which I am not raising. Once again, killer exercise that works all leg muscles.
Reps – 15 each leg, 30 bent side raises total


Donkey kicks –
this kicks your butt, pun intended! These work all your glute muscles, need I say more? Here is how to do them.
Reps – 20 each leg, 40 donkey kicks total 


Side leg raises –
these are similar to donkey kicks, but you are going to do them on your side so you are targeting different muscles. You will really feel it on the outsides of your bum, abductors, and outer thighs. Watch how to do them here.
Reps – 15 each leg, 30 side leg raises total 


Print this out if you may not have your phone or the internet at hand. 

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 6.09.45 pm.png

The good thing about these exercises, is that although most of them intend to focus on one individual muscle, but you are always using other muscles to do the exercises. From this workout your legs and booty will be on fire, and your abs will feel it too.

Try the workout, and let me know what you think! It is going to seriously work your muscles, and might challenge you, but you will feel amazing after. I really hope that this post has helped you, I would love to get to know you, so comment below.

Until next time!

Lots of Love,

Milli xxxx



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