I always have things in my house – that ensure I never slip up, because I can always make so many things from them. I have these in case I am ever craving something sweet, savoury, or if I just feel like eating. It is so often that we will eat unhealthy foods when we are hungry all because they are available or because we don’t have anything at hand that is healthy. I bet you agree with me, don’t you? Here are a couple of things I make sure to always have in my house. They are cheap, easy, and most importantly, tasty.

Protein Bread
I have been obsessing over this product lately, because it is so healthy for you. This low-carb bread provides 16 grams of protein per 2 slices, as well as an amazing 8 grams of fiber, which helps our digestive system running smooth. I keep this in the freezer, because firstly I am the only one in my family who eats it, so I couldn’t get through it all before it goes off, but secondly, because I know I have it at hand whenever I need toast. This product also comes in the form of a packet mix, so you can also make your own. My favourite things to cook when I have protein bread:

  • Protein bread, vegemite, and a fried egg (call me crazy but this is the BEST combo)
  • Protein bread with avocado and/or tomato, and chia seeds
  • Protein bread with ‘bacon and tomatoes’ (cooked bacon then simmered for about half an hour in tinned tomatoes, so tasty)
  • plain with peanut butter

TIP – first toast the bread, then grill it on both sides for a couple of minutes so the texture is crispy and delicious
Here is the protein bread I use, if you can’t tell already I love this brand!

Frozen Veggies
Frozen veggies are my go to, and they are such a quick lunch/dinner or snack option. I love keeping a variety of veggie options in my freezer to ensure that I always have a variety, and so I can get in different vitamins and benefits. Despite many people being sceptical about frozen veggies, they are actually packed when they are in their prime (ABC n.d.), so don’t think that they don’t have as much nutritional benefits, because that would be wrong! My favourite frozen veggie options are the Heinz Steam Fresh Beans, Broccoli and Sugar Snap Pea combo (see here), because they come in serving sizes, so they are super quick and easy. I also always have peas in the freezer. My favourite things to cook when I have frozen veggies:

  • Fry whatever is up in the house in a wok, add in the frozen veggies and chuck in a few spices with some coconut oil
  • Microwave and add with some rice and tuna

Frozen Meat
What I do usually, is buy chicken or a different type of meat, and cut it up into portions then freeze in snap lock bags. I do this so I can defrost the night/day before, and straight away pop into a pan and cook, this saves all preparation time. I find that this helps me out because it’s easy as; if I have frozen veggies and chicken on hand for example, I just need to defrost the chicken the night before, and the next day fry them all up together, either plain or with some spices. This isn’t super important, especially if you always have other forms of protein on hand, such as tinned lentils, and other legumes, or tuna, but I find this to be super easy.

Although just a spice, cinnamon is so amazing, and can transform dishes. I love adding cinnamon to not just sweet dishes, but savoury; next time you are making spaghetti bolognaise add in a tiny dash, I promise it will transform the dish! Continuing on, cinnamon is an amazing spice to add into smoothies, healthy muffins and pancakes, oats, and pretty much everything else. Cinnamon also has some amazing health benefits, read about them here. The foods I love adding cinnamon to most are:

  • My protein balls, nut bars, protein muffins and other home-made creations
  • Healthy creamed rice, using soy or almond milk, cinnamon, vanilla (bean, paste, or extract), and a spoon of honey
  • Oats
  • Smoothies

I consider oats to be a superfood, because they are so high in fiber and have an enormous variety of nutrients, including manganese, vitamin B1, zinc, and are high in protein (WhFoods n.d.). Oats have also shown to lower cholesterol levels, reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, and stablise blood sugar, not to mention the other benefits, read about those here. Oats are great to cook in the morning and amazing to add in muesli or in recipes (protein balls, nut bars). If you have oats at hand you will know that whenever in need you can make a delicious meal. Here are how I like to cook my oats:

  • Water, soy milk, cinnamon and honey
  • Grated apple, water, soy milk, cinnamon and stevia
  • Water, soy milk, stevia, honey, cinnamon (mashed banana optional)
  • Water, soy milk, frozen berries
  • Added in a smoothie with any fruits. My favourite combo is oats, cinnamon, chocolate protein powder (or vanilla), milk, honey, and frozen berries.

Protein Balls
I make sure that I always have protein balls in my freezer, ones that I make probably once every couple of months in a huge batch. I don’t eat these every day, but I know that they are available when I am after a tasty quick snack. I make my protein balls from scratch, I will include a recipe in a later post so keep an eye out for that, but you can make them any way you like! If they are in your freezer they last forever, and they are delicious frozen because they are hard which makes them taste fudgy. Some of the things I add in my protein balls are organic protein, stevia, almonds, cacao and goji berries.

I always make sure eggs are available, because they are not only high in protein, but probably the most versatile ingredient going round. I include eggs in so many recipes; not just the usuals with toast scrambled, boiled, poached, but even oven baked in a tomato sauce, in foods such as protein muffins, protein pancakes, healthy meringues (with stevia instead of sugar), healthy fried rice, fritters, or added in soup.

Frozen Berries
These are amazing to have, because they can add such great flavour to so many foods. They are cheap, especially when fresh berries can cost so much here, and last for ages! Some of the things I love to make with frozen berries:

  • Adding into smoothies, or smoothie bowls (such as acai bowls)
  • Melting frozen berries and using as a sweetener, on top of protein pancakes for example
  • Adding into oats
  • Eating in a bowl on a hot summers day

 Protein Pancake Mix
I love this mix, and always ensure I have it on hand; it is so tasty, easy, and healthy. I use the Protein Bread Co mix, which you can buy here, but there are so many recipes available to make protein pancakes if you are unable to buy this. I have made my own many times, and do still love to every now and then, but often it requires me using many ingredients. Since this post is about quick and easy options, this mixture is perfect, an added bonus is that these taste naughty but aren’t.  All you need to add is milk, eggs and vanilla, which even that you can substitute for honey or with cinnamon. I often add in extra ingredients, because this mixture is fun to play around with, which is another advantage of this product. How I like eating my protein pancakes:

  • With honey and strawberries
  • With PB2 powder, or peanut butter
  • With lemon and stevia
  • With banana, and softened/melted frozen berries

TIP – if you have a waffle machine, use this mixture! It turns out amazing.

Fresh Veggies
Need I say more! These provide your body with amazing vitamins and minerals, and you can make so many things out of veggies, the options are never ending. I try to at least get in about 5 different coloured veggies a day (I suppose you can count shades of green – tick!).

These are honestly all the items which I ensure I always have on hand, because I can make so many things from them, and I don’t get sick of them due to this. With me having just these things available, I find that I never have an excuse to eat anything terrible, because I can always make something not only delicious, but sweet if I am having cravings. It is so important to make sure that not only foods we are eating are good for us, but that we are actually enjoying it; after all, if we aren’t enjoying it, we won’t continue a healthy lifestyle.
Perhaps you have products that you always keep at home, so if you do, what are they?  I would love to know what your opinion is on the foods I always have at my house, so please let me know what you think. I would love to get to know you, so comment below.

Until next time!

Lots of Love,

Milli xxxx


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Photos of the protein balls (all others are mine), are linked, respectively:
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