What so many people don’t realise, is that you can do killer workouts with little to no equipment. Today I am going to show you a workout I do when I can’t make it to the gym, or when I am stuck at home. All you are going to need is a CHAIR! Yes, I said it, a chair, and if you are unable to get a chair you can substitute it with a stool or a bench. Let’s get into it!

Tricep Bench dips – you will really feel these ones. Check out how to do them here.
Reps –  15 slow and controlled movements


 Incline push ups – this won’t just work your chest, but your arms, back and core also. Here is how to do incline push ups.
Reps – 15


Toe Taps – use your toes to tap the seat of the chair, or the stool. This will get your heart rate moving and also work your legs. Here is how to do them.
Reps – 30 (15 each side)


Chair single-leg squats – these will work your legs and your glutes, toning them up and getting that burn on. Here is how you can do them.
Reps – 30 (15 each side)


Elevated Plank – Have your legs on the top of the chair or stool, and plank as you would normally. If you are finding this hard, take a break for 5 seconds and keep going until the time is up. This works your core, as well as your whole body. Watch how to do these here.
Reps – 1 minute


Burpee step up – I have combined two exercises here, but this is great because it engages your whole body. With the burpee, you will be getting your heart rate moving as well as working your chest, arms, and legs, and with the step up you will further be working all your leg muscles. Here is how you can do a burpee step up.
Reps – 14 total (7 each leg, 14 burpees total)


 Seated Knee Tucks – if you have seen my other workouts, you will know that I love ab exercises! This exercise is great to work your core, if you don’t know how to do the exercises, look here.
Reps – 40 total (20 each leg)


Decline Push-ups – these are really hard, and I struggle doing heaps of them, but they are so amazing for your chest and upper body, but your core also. Here is how you can do them.
Reps – 10 


This completes the workout! What I want you to do, is each of these exercises twice, but do them in order, so it will be as though you are completing the circuit 3 times. I roughly take a one minute break in between circuits so I can keep my heart rate pretty high, but depending on how hard you find it and your pace, this workout will take you roughly 25-30 minutes including the breaks. This is an amazing workout to get all of your body moving, heart rate going, and muscles pumping.

Here is what you can print out if you don’t have your phone or the internet at hand:











These are all the exercises I like to do, if you have any more suggestions or ideas on what you like doing with a chair, please let me know! I am not a pro, I just like sharing what I exercises I do, I would love to learn from you guys.

Try the workout, and let me know what you think! It is going to seriously work your muscles, and might challenge you, but you will feel amazing after. I really hope that this post has helped you, I would love to get to know you, so comment below.

Until next time!

Lots of Love,

Milli xxxx


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