You may have seen these on celebrities Instagram’s or on your news feed of various social media sites, with girls wearing these, promoting these products. Waist trainers have recently come back on the scene, being a product that states with the use of these your waist will get smaller. What waist training is, is the practice of wearing a constricting garment to ultimately reduce the size of your waistline, and give your body a more hourglass look (Livestrong 2015), this is the look that many girls are going for, especially with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner having these body shapes. This practice first came about in the 1900’s, when the ‘ideal’ body shape was for women to have tiny waists. These women though wore a corset. These days, waist trainers are worn but are less restrictive than corsets, they are often made from spandex or thin material with boning, allowing for easy wear underneath clothes and even tight fitting garments.

I found some information on the internet, as as you would expect, I found both advantages and disadvantages to waist trainers. Let’s have a look at them.

Advantage: these may boost your confidence. With the wearing of a waist trainer, you are going to feel like your waist is smaller, and your body has a more hourglass shape. This may make you feel more comfortable in your skin, as you are liking what you see in the mirror.
Disadvantage: When you take this off, eventually your body will go back to the same shape it was before wearing the waist trainer, leading you to feel dissatisfied.

Remember: You can’t spot reduce! If you are wanting to lose weight around your stomach ribs01and make your waist smaller, you cannot naturally do it by wearing a item which makes your waist appear smaller; instead, you have to lose weight (by various methods), you’re
fat will be lost from various areas of your body. If you are wearing a waist trainer, it won’t drastically change the shape of your waist, only by a few hours potentially (Marie Claire 2016). If you are seriously wanting to reduce the size of your waist, the only way is to wear a terribly unsafe and dangerous corset, which you will have to wear for many hours of the day in excruciating pain due to this product squishing your ribs, compressing your lungs, and compressing your organs (Marie Claire 2016). Have a look at this YouTube video of Cathie Jung – the lady with the world’s smallest waist – she physically cannot take it off because her body depends on it. No thank you.

Advantage: You may actually have improved posture while wearing these. Due to the nature of waist trainers, your stomach is being pulled together, therefore making your posture better while wearing the trainer (Livestrong 2015). Many view that the boning or nature of the material gives wearers added abdominal support, but I think this is a disadvantage, and heres why.
Disadvantage: Due to your abdominal muscles being supported by the waist trainer, your muscles may start to slacken off and rely on this product to do the muscles work for it. Although your posture will improve, which is a benefit, your abdominal muscles may in fact weaken due to this (Livestrong 2015).

Advantage – With the waering of waist trainers, your waist is going to look smaller. This is what the product intends to do (but in the long term), so while wearing the product, you are getting value for money.
Disadvantage – The product is making your waist look smaller, and this is because it is ultimately squishing your stomach together. This can cause discomfort, heartburn, and can in fact interefere with your breathing. In situations like this, its important to take off the waist trainer (Health News 2015).

I tried this product, and here is what I think of it:
When I am wearing the waist trainer, it definitely makes my waist look smaller, really tiny in fact. It comes on with clips, so it is easy to wear and take off, but I have to wear a singlet underneath it, as it can make me sweat, I feel like the product increases the body temperature around my stomach.
On the occasions that I have worn this, I can find that I have had breathing problems, and have struggled a little to breath – I couldn’t imagine doing exercise with this on (no wonder it isn’t recommended). I also sometimes have discomfort as I feel like the product is rubbing on my hip bone, as it is an awkward length, it starts right at my hip bone and ends right underneath my chest.
This product does make me feel good, I like wearing it because it makes me feel confident in myself, and leads me to believe that I have a smaller waist, even though I know that I don’t. It definitely hasn’t changed the shape of my waist, so I feel like the product isn’t too useful when it comes to that, but I feel like it is useful in making me feel a little bit more confident.
Overall, it’s okay, but not worth it, instead I would focus on leading a healthy lifestyle with the combination of working out, engaging abdominal muscles, and eating healthy, to get a more toned body and waist.


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