Lets laugh our way to fitness


About Me

My name is Milli, and I am a 19 year old student from Melbourne, Australia. I made this blog for people to come to if they are wanting to know a little bit more about bits and pieces that come with a healthy lifestyle; workouts, recipes, and tips and tricks.

I come from a big family, so I am sure it wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you that I am a passionate person (you know how crazy big families can make you)! I have grown up with a lot of thinkers around me, everyone is so passionate but at the same time so different. My family, for example, are all horse people, absolutely obsessed, all working in the industry. Me? No thanks!

I love many things; the things I can think of right now? Paccy (one of my cats who happens to be next to me as I am writing this – typical), my boyfriend, Jamie Oliver, Youtube, Nike, cooking, Chris Brown, Gordon Ramsay, carbs, and SVU. Random right? Let’s not mention the cooking shows either.

My interest in food began at a very young age, so young I can’t remember not enjoying being in the kitchen. It all started when I used to help my mum cook dinner of a night, starting off at a young age perhaps only mixing something, then as the years went on even taking over.
My interest for health and nutrition has also made my love for food and cooking stronger, I love nothing more than to make nutritious and delicious meals. The thing I love about cooking is that you can always try new things, and you can use your imagination to create something amazing. You will find on this page recipes of how I make things healthy, but not boring. You won’t see boiled broccoli and steamed chicken here! After all, if eating healthy is boring then why deprive yourself of delicious foods? That is what I am preaching; healthy food is amazing!

I have never been someone naturally talented when it comes to exercise, in fact I am one of those people who is typically bad at every sport (except skipping – state champion I am – and no, it is not a joke despite how many laughs I may get when I tell people). I began exercising when I was in late high school; doing it for the typical reason teens do, to get a better body. I have continued doing it for years, but I don’t do it now only to improve my physical appearance, but I do it because of how good it makes me feel and how much I benefit from it. People say that and it really is a cliché, but it is so true, and I promise if you give it a go, you will agree with me. My favourite things to do are to go to the gym and mix up workouts, whether that be with my boyfriend Michael or by myself, doing spin classes, going on walks and bike rides, or doing random but fun activities, such as ice-skating or rock climbing. After all, it’s about fun.

I feel like it’s so important for us, as people, to really take advantage of the opportunities that we have, and to always look at things in perspective. Leading a fit and healthy lifestyle for me is not just about happiness and looking after myself, but it is about doing things to make yourself a stronger and better person. People who may not love exercise or who may eat unhealthy may look at it and think; well why should I look after myself when I can have all of this? But I think of it in the opposite way. Why shouldn’t we look after ourselves? Whether that be drinking an extra glass of water a day, reading a book in our spare time, eating the right foods, or going on a walk every day, we are all put here for a reason, so we may as well smash goals and make the most of it while we are here.

They say that life experiences change your perception on life, and that’s so true. Something a little personal going on in my life at the moment relates to this quote, and I saw this a couple of months ago, and whenever I am feeling doubtful I think of it.


There are so many people on this planet who are unfortunately not able to do physical exercise, yet lots of us who are able to don’t ever do it. This quote is important, and so true. It motives and inspires me. At the end of the day, if you are moving, you are doing something. My blog is not for the pros, it’s for the people who want to start but may not have yet, or those who may not know how to. It’s for the people who want to enjoy life, but lead a healthier and happier one. If I can do it, so can you. I am going to leave you on another inspiring picture which resonates with me.


Hopefully you learnt a little something about me, and what my intentions are! I can’t wait to get to know you, and for you to hopefully gain some help and knowledge from my posts.

Lots of Love,

Milli xxxx